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The Mirror of the Future


The Mirror of the Future

There’s news from the mirror industry! What may not sound like the headline of the year is much more interesting than you might expect: The mirror of the future isn’t just for beauty care, but is also a fully functional iPad.

The clever idea came from New York designer Rafael Dymek, who was watching his girlfriend while she was hastily putting on makeup and searching for her phone at the same time. To make her life easier, he created a mirror that works just like an Apple iPad.

Checking emails, brushing your teeth, doing a Google search and putting on mascara can now all be done conveniently in one place.

The catch: Unfortunately, the mirror of the future isn’t for sale. But the impressive invention proves that there are no limits to innovation and that even the craziest inventions will eventually become suitable for everyday use.

Who knows, maybe in the future it will be commonplace to communicate with our mirror via Siri voice command. We can’t wait to see which gadgets will end up conquering our bathroom!

Photo ©: Business-Punk.com, Apple Mirror – Rafael Dymek